Picture for manufacturer Lumberjack

Lumberjack is now a Turkish brand!

The Lumberjack was born in the beginnings of the 1940s with Antonini Brothers, who started the production in a small shoe manufacturing workshop in the city of Verona in the north-east of Italy. In a short period of great success, Antonini Brothers left the brand to their cousin Ivo Antonini in the 1970s and Ivo's visionary perspective moved the brand to international dimensions. Lumberjack was inspired by the wild life style of nature parks in North America during a business trip to the United States by Ivo Antonini in 1979. In 2012, Ziylan Group acquired this brand from Italian 3A Antonini Company and it became a Turkish brand.

The Ziylan Group carried the center of the brand's Verona to Milan, the heart of fashion. Then they founded "Brand Park Srl" company in Milano to manage design, product development, marketing and sales operations. The logo and emblem of the Lumberjack brand have been renewed. In line with the "Family Brand" strategy, which defines the nature of the Lumberjack brand; the most appropriate products for each member of an extended family, including grandmothers, grandparents, parents, sons and daughters, are covered in the Lumberjack collection. Lumberjack, which has 28 stores in Italy and 850 points of sale, also has one store in Barcelona.

Dönmezler Licenses Inc. aims to bring different product options to the consumers by broadening its vision with Lumberjack as included in its brand portfolio. It aims to enter the market with a new product collection by adding travel accessories, briefcases, wallets, belts, water bottles, umbrellas and backpack products as well as female accessories group.