Dönmezler Licence Inc., which started its activities in 2002 in the sector as Dönmezler Stationery Limited Company, is based on a family business in Istanbul Tahtakale Trade Center with 30 years of experience and knowledge. Dönmezler Licence, which achieved the status of a joint-stock company in 2009, has assumed a dominant position in the market by constantly renewing itself with steady growth without compromising its principles and with its gradually increasing licenses, brands portfolio, and product diversity.

After starting to work in the field of popular license initiatives, Dönmezler Licence, developed its vision in the following period and aimed to reach a larger target group including adults with different product groups. In this direction, as a first step the licence rights of U.S. Polo ASSN has been acquired. Later on, Dönmezler Licence has moved further with new product groups by including the brand of Lumberjack into organization, and has become one of the leading companies of the sector thanks to the brands in its portfolio, different product groups and wide sales network.

Along with the licenses and brands in its portfolio, Dönmezer License has assumed the distributorship of the worldwide famous brand of Marie’s for artistic painting materials in Turkey since 2002. Under the brand of Marie's , the company delivers the paint and brush sets for professionals to the consumers in Turkey market.

Dönmezler Licence goes on its way by adding different and new names into its organization as it mantains his innovative approach.